Digitapes is an online platform to create mighty memorable montages and store your digital photos and videos.

Inspired by home movies and non-professional movie makers; Add your favorite photos and videos into a "tape" and process that tape into a montage.

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The picture version

How Digitapes Works

The benefits

You can use digitapes to:

Perhaps the best thing about digitapes, is what makes it different:

How do i get started?

The app

Digitapes can be fully utilised online, but for ease of use, we've provided an app that allows you to "Share to Digitapes" when you're in the moment (works for any number of photos or videos).

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The value

Tapes start at $10 AUD (~$7.50 USD) for standard quality, but they can be upgraded to a better quality tape in the future. To see what's available, check our pricing page.

Pricing page

We do provide a free "test tape" that can show how the system works, but it's low enough quality that you'll want to upgrade pretty soon. All tapes are considered to be "Buy once, keep forever" for as long as we're in business.